David Benson’s artwork is about transcendence. His yoga practice and his work (art) becomes a expression of his realizations. His work leads the viewer on and links him to spiritual energy, realized as Sat Cit Ananda, meaning eternal knowledge and bliss, which is achieved by the chanting of the Hare Krsna mantra. David’s artwork becomes the vehicle for a transcendental yogic experience, and represents the image of a lotus flower, which lives in a muddy environment, but rises above its surroundings to form a fully blossoming lotus,

David (Dhaneshvara) Benson

“From the knowledge of Arts arises knowledge, and such knowledge
leads to Enlightenment.” Upanishad.



  • Graduated 1975 National Art School, Paddington, received Diploma of Art in Painting and Printmaking.
  • 1976-79 travelled to Bali, India and Nepal, studying, surfing and collecting Asian art and Sculptures.
  • 1979 joined Hare Krsna temple in Nepal, later returned to Sydney to pursue his life as an artist and his spiritual journey.
  • Worked as an art dealer whilst living in the Manly and North Sydney Temples. Exhibits his screen Prints with Brett Whitely, Mark Chagall at the Mona Vale Gallery.
  • Opened Art Gallery in North Sydney, acts as an Agent for Pro Hart, David and Lenore Boyd, Ken Johnston amongst others.
  • Opened Benson Fine Art in Neilson Bay and Maitland , first one man show at Michael Commerford Gallery in Rushcutters Bay.
  • 1990 moved to Victoria to pursue solo artist career, exhibits at Kudos in Lorne, Convent Gallery in Daylesford, commissioned by Country Road Australia, Line 7 and Nutra metics.
  • 1997 moves to Milton on the south coast of NSW. A sea change helps his painting and he opens a successful Studio/Gallery. His main body of works originates in Milton, here he explores spiritual topics through his art as well as sea and landscapes.
  • Since 2008 David and family have moved to the North coast and currently lives in Murwillumbah close to the Hare Krsna temple and community pursuing his spiritual journey